That Gum You Like

And I’m Out. (T-minus 9 hours)

Posted in Pre-Departure by Dave on September 9, 2009
Done and Done.

Done and Done. (plz excuse the photobooth)

And that’s it guys. My bags are packed. I’m leaving today. Off to a world of convicts and thieves, where the toilets aren’t the only things that flush backwards and the trees grow gumdrops. See y’all around the billabong.

The Mountain Goats – Leaving Home

And this one is theme song of this trip so far, the song I’ve been screaming along to, tearing down whatever highway at three in the afternoon or four in the morning, the song that plays in the movie I’ve been making in my brain:

Smog – Hit the Ground Running

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  1. wallace said, on September 10, 2009 at 2:08 am

    That Smog song is the song that made me like Smog.

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